The Black Death comes to your door

Welcome to! This website is packed full of all the information you would need about the Black Death! From school projects to personal knowledge, this website should fulfill every need. Just click on the links to enter the world of England during the Plague! 

What was the Black Death?

The Black Death was one of the deadliest epidemics/pandemics in history, with the highest death rate in Europe between 1347 and 1351. One third of the population of Europe died as a result of this, and it changed the course of history.

Why we need to study about the Black Death?

Even though it is a grim subject, we still have to learn about it. Why???

The Black Death changed England in many ways, (look in consequences), and since we are living in England, we need to learn about how our country has come to be as it is. Also, as you have probably heard on the news, Swine Flu has broken out in Mexico, and is starting to spread across to Europe. It has been announced that Swine Flu is a number 5 pandemic, which is one off being a full one. Even though we are not going to die from it as we have all the proper treatments to help us get better if anyone in Englaind is found to have it, we have to be ready for anything. What if something like the Black Death develops from the Swine Flu? If no-one knew about the Black Death, and if no-one had found treatments to solve it, we would probably all die. We can learn from the past and make the future better. That is why this website is here; to make a horrible and revolting, yet terrifyingly sad subject a bit easier to learn about.

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