What were the consequences of the Black Death?

The Black Death changed England in many ways. Most people think that all the consequences were negative, but there were some positive ones as well. it seems unlikely, but some people's lives in Medieval Britain changed for the good.

Here are some positive consequences of the Black Death:

1. There were less peasants so the ones that were remaining started asking for money from their lords as wage instead of land, as they knew that their lord needed them even more now.

2. If their landlord did not pay, they could now rebel and even run away to the next manor where they might get more money.

3. The tramps could not get any work before the Black Death as there were already enough workers, but as the peasants started to die out, the tramps managed to find work in manors under landlords desperate for workers.

4. Overall, the life of the poor people improved massively and they had more rights.

5. The Black Death gave a lot of new material for artists to work with, and it was a new inspiration for many composers.

However, you probably know that there were some negative consequences as well. Here are some important ones:

1. About 40% of the population of England was wiped out.

2. There was a lot of lawlessness and disorder and the homes of Europe were constantly in terror.

3. The landlords now had to pay the peasants more to work for them. This affected the general economy.

4. The animals had no-one to look after them, so a lot of them perished.

5. Everything was much more expensive, as people started to die and the fields were left to rot, with no-one to look after them.